The Cosmetic Drone

The Cosmetic Drone


Many cosmetics contains smart carrier systems that enhance the uptake of skin-active compounds into cells. Scientists first introduced the concept of “liposomes” to cosmetics during the 1980’s. Nowadays they are called “nanocarriers” (nano = smaller than a micron) therefore much smaller than individual cells.

Key features of the ingredient

  • The Cosmetic Drone™ is a patented nanocarrier system developed by scientists in Spain for cosmetics use.
  • Being lipid-based, nanocarriers are very well absorbed, without leaving residues and safer because the amounts of actives is much smaller than whole extracts.
  • Combined with Chlorella, ceremide and targeting peptides, The Cosmetic Drone™ drives skin micronutrients into deeper skin layers to where they are needed.
  • The drone system uses a dual mechanism with active ingredients (ligand and encapsulated peptides) that act synergistically to reducing the formation of pigments induced by UV light, and minimizing the expression of the enzyme tyrosinase, which controls the original production of pigments.
  • The brightening Drone can improve skin tone and minimize the appearance of spots at very low levels (as tested on Asian skin).


  • Today’s liposomes have evolved to become available in many different forms and have been adapted to deliver a range of different active ingredients. They are also tested as suitable for sensitive skin types. The Cosmetic Drone™ is an example of a nanocarrier target system designed especially for skin lightening, and dermatologically tested.

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