Rejuvenating capsules – Thailand Clinical Trial

Rejuvenating capsules – Thailand Clinical Trial


A group of 50 Thai women aged 30-65 years, showing mild to moderate skin aging signs (e.g. fine lines/wrinkles, brown spots) participated in a dermatological, split-faced study of Rejuvenating Capsules (1 capsule per day over 8 weeks). Split-faced means half the face was treated, and the other half was untreated for comparison.

Outcome summary

The following were observed on the test side (no corresponding change seen on control side):

  • Significantly increased skin elasticity after 8 weeks (10%)
  • Significantly decreased wrinkle density after 4 weeks (10%)
  • Significantly lower brown spot intensity after 8 weeks (8%)
  • Significant increase in skin radiance by 20% after 8 weeks
  • Significantly improved smoothness after 4 weeks (13%)
  • 80% of women were satisfied/very satisfied with perceived anti-aging effects of the product after 8 weeks

* Click here to read the full report.


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