Rejuvenating capsules – Efficacy study

Rejuvenating capsules – Efficacy study


Women aged 30-65 years, including some with sensitive skin, were examined over a period 8 weeks, following once-daily application. Subjects did not use products with similar activity in the 2 weeks prior to the study or during the study, although they were allowed to maintain a normal beauty routine during the trial.

Outcome summary

  • Improvements observed in multiple aspects of skin condition and complexion after only 4 weeks, including >20% reductions in wrinkle depth, brown spot intensity and skin roughness
  • Evidence of skin facial contour lifting along the jawline were observed after 8 weeks
  • More than 95% of women who used this product reported positive improvements in their overall skin condition
  • No adverse skin reactions in those with sensitive skin
Figure 001: Improvement from baseline


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