Peptide blend

Peptide blend


  • Peptides are short chain amino acids that occur naturally in the body. They can also be manufactured in the lab to mimic the biological processes that control skin growth and repair.
  • Peptides have been used for decades for different cosmetic purposes, including wrinkle reduction and stimulation of collagen.

Key features of the ingredient

  • The proprietary peptide blends in our products have been developed by same Spanish scientists who devised The Cosmetic Drone™ system.
  • Their research has produced a variety of peptides that are able to stimulate collagen production, improve skin barrier function, stimulate epithelial cell activity and minimize aging effects.
  • The peptide in the The Cosmetic Drone™ system is a proprietary form that has been shown in internal studies to target different melanocytes and keratinocytes. In combination with the drone system, the peptides regulate melanin production only in these cells.
  • In our hydrating formulas, we use a blend of peptides that have been shown to improve skin elasticity by targeting the deeper layers of the dermis and stimulating the production of extracellular matrix proteins


  • The Development of Skin peptides is a growing field in cosmetics and dermatology, with the potential to improve skin health by selectively supporting its delicate biological processes.

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