Brightening complex capsules – Efficacy study

Brightening complex capsules – Efficacy study


Women aged between 40-66 years with dull complexions and dark spots, were examined over a period of 8 weeks, following once-daily application. Subjects were selected based on not using face cream with similar active ingredients in the 4 weeks prior to the treatment and maintaining a normal beauty routine during the treatment. Samples also included Asian women in earlier pilot trials.

Outcome summary

Dermatology testing after 8 weeks of daily application revealed increased skin elasticity (13%), firmness (17%), and subjective improvments in skin radiance (97% of subjects) and smoothness (84% of subjects). Additional decreases in the observed appearance of dark spots (19%) and skin color intensity (10%) were reported. Earlier preliminary studies on some of the ingredients also suggested that improvements in UV induced skin pigmentation in Asian complexions.

Figure 001: Improvement from baseline


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